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Subject: "a terminal event on the commode."
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 1996 07:05:03 -0500

Forwarded-by: CSH Little
As described in the UK Sunday Times, 24th December, 1995, page 3 article, "Revealed: the Elvis Presley killer diet", a forthcoming British special on Elvis Presley's eating habits, titled "Arena", details the Presley diet.

The Elvis Diet:

Breakfast (5 pm) - 5,000 calories

six large eggs cooked in butter with extra salt, 1lb of bacon, half a pound of sausages, 12 buttermilk biscuits

Dinner (10p) - 84,000 calories

Two "Fool's Gold" sandwiches [a jar of peanut butter, a jar of strawberry jam, one pound of crisp-fried bacon on a baguette x2]

Supper (4a) - 5,000 calories

5 double-hamburgers and deep-fried peanut butter, mashed banana sandwiches.

Misc. - other snacks as required between meals

Elvis total dietary intake in calories averaged a minimum of 94,000 *per day*. The article highlights that an adult Asian elephant (many tons in weight) has a normal diet of 50,000 calories per day. The article quotes a spokesman for the British Nutrition Foundation as saying, "I do not know how he did it... The Elvis diet would fuel a normal man for a month." The article continues, "Eventually this condition [consuming 94,000 calories worth of food per day] contributed to his death -- caused, as Graceland has it, by a heart attack or, as the coroner describes it in Arena, 'a terminal event on the commode'."