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Capped at Fri 12:17 PM.Tommys_Dad
"Does this outfit make my ass look big?"
Capped at Fri 12:11 PM.Tommys_Dad
The entire history of Texas? Seems a little busy. Do you have any other choices for tattoos?
Capped at Fri 12:09 PM.Tommys_Dad
Few are aware that George Washington vaped. Outa both ends.
Capped at Fri 06:21 AM.Tommys_Dad
Maybe it has something to do with the rash.
Capped at Fri 06:01 AM.pekejebe
I'd give you this coffee, but Mary said you don't have a second cup of coffee at home.
Capped at Fri 01:24 AM.pekejebe
So I said, "Rikki don't lose that number. You don't want to call nobody else"
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Capped at Fri 12:27 AM.pekejebe
While I was combing the desert, I came across a horse with no name. It did feel good to put the cake out in the rain.
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Capped at Fri 12:06 AM.Tommys_Dad
Someone left the round tuit out in the rain.
Capped at Thu 08:54 PM.LibTard
Meanwhile, at the Sanders': oO(Damn that Trump economy; rising tide lifting all boats. We Dems need to decide how much income to redistribute & to whom. O/w, people are able to make their own way.)
Capped at Thu 08:44 PM.pekejebe
This episode: Superman uses his x-ray vision to search for Thumbnail's Frisbee.
Capped at Thu 08:42 PM.pekejebe
*Please leave your message after the tone*.....beeeeep. "Son, I got your letter about searching for Thumbnail's Frisbee. Stop saying you are going away for a while. I know you are going to jail.
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Capped at Thu 08:33 PM.Tommys_Dad
Dear Mom and Dad, I'm going away for a while. I'll let you know where I am later on... when we find Thumbnail's Frisbee.
Capped at Thu 08:21 PM.Thumbnail
You don't bring me howitzers, anymore.
Capped at Thu 08:19 PM.Thumbnail
You want my buttocks so bad, dontcha.
Capped at Thu 08:18 PM.Thumbnail
Dear Dairy, the cow says "Moo."
Capped at Thu 08:16 PM.Thumbnail
(Filmed before a live studio audience. Though we killed them afterwards)
Capped at Thu 07:18 PM.Thumbnail
All I remember, is... the Alamo. "YAHOO!"
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Capped at Thu 07:15 PM.Thumbnail
Leave no stone unturned. I LOVE maggots!
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Bert "144b" Tilley, December 21, 1963 to February 20, 2006.