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Capped at Sun 08:58 PM.Chuckles
And Ye Olde Pancake Pavilion
Capped at Sun 02:40 PM.CindyCrawfish
It's the last day of the shortest month and I don't have a thing to wear.
Capped at Sun 02:39 PM.CindyCrawfish
Meanwhile, back at the laboratory of Thomas Edison... Number 72 of how not to make a lightbulb.
Capped at Sun 11:47 AM.CK
80's music video outtake.
Capped at Sun 11:44 AM.CK
Stay out of my hair extension storage bag.
Capped at Sun 11:41 AM.CK
Can we rule you? Oh please, oh please, can we?!
Capped at Sun 11:37 AM.CK
Roman Fire Drill. Now with flame retardant Underoos.
Capped at Sun 07:32 AM.AL
Is Colonel Birkhalter there? Ask him if his refrigerator is running.
Capped at Sun 01:48 AM.tinaw   
Alan Hale, Jr. - Patron Saint of Doughy Guys
Capped at Sat 07:39 PM.cambria36
Caption lickers (Air Force vets)
Capped at Sat 07:38 PM.cambria36
Great chow in the Air Force. :)
Capped at Sat 07:37 PM.cambria36
Unlimited opportunities in the Air Force. :)
Capped at Sat 02:11 PM.CK
Behave back there or I will turn this bombing raid around.
Capped at Sat 02:09 PM.CK
Seconds before the FCC Search And Destroy missile hit Pirate Radio.
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Capped at Sat 10:15 AM.thefifthbot   
Capped at Sat 10:10 AM.CK
Yonkers! I got my swimsuit wet.
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Capped at Sat 08:02 AM.thefifthbot   
"Fried Chicken" was brought to you by the good folks ay KFC.
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Capped at Sat 07:59 AM.thefifthbot   
How do your tonsils feel now? Better?
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Bert "144b" Tilley, December 21, 1963 to February 20, 2006.