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Active cappers: XEvilBestnor
Capped at Mon 01:39 PM.XEvilBestnor
HOT: specialists defeated ReCaptcha-2!
Capped at Mon 11:20 AM.XEvilBestnor
XEvil 4.0 beat ReCaptcha-2!
Capped at Mon 11:06 AM.Thumbnail
Even better with Franks Red Hot Sauce.
Capped at Mon 10:16 AM.Tsunade   
It's a Norwegian Blue. Beautiful plumage.
Capped at Mon 10:15 AM.Tsunade   
The FBI seriously needs to catch up with modern surveillance techniques.
Capped at Mon 09:54 AM.Tsunade   
Why is the train stopping? And what's that lumberjack doing out there?
Capped at Mon 09:41 AM.XEvilBestnor
XEvil 4.0 allow to get Bitcoins via Bitcoin-crans
Capped at Mon 09:30 AM.Tsunade   
Hang on... The substandard split-screen technology seems to have slipped out of place again.
Capped at Mon 07:41 AM.mcgreaves
It's okay Joanne, ReCaptcha captions are stupid and make no sense.
Capped at Mon 07:33 AM.mcgreaves
Dynamite to blow up ReCaptcha captions.
Capped at Mon 07:28 AM.mcgreaves
I won't Google ReCaptcha2 BROKEN...the whole concept is ludicrous and a waste of good capping.
Capped at Mon 07:00 AM.XEvilBestnor
Google ReCaptcha2 BROKEN!
Capped at Mon 05:28 AM.Ryualezbyn
Hold on, I'm going to belch the alphabet!
Capped at Mon 05:26 AM.Ryualezbyn
Punching your own head... the world's first contact sport.
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Capped at Mon 03:20 AM.flavio   
I told you, no one gets free pie
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Capped at Mon 03:20 AM.flavio   
And we'll call the band ABBA
Capped at Mon 03:18 AM.flavio   
I'm moving to Canada!
Capped at Mon 03:15 AM.flavio   
I'm sorry about the "Lazy Eye" crack
Bert "144b" Tilley, December 21, 1963 to February 20, 2006.